One of CJM’s core capabilities is CAD designing. We use:

  • Rhinoceros
  • Flamingo
  • Tech gems
  • Matrix


At Ceylon Jewelry, semi-automated Japanese wax injection machines are used for waxing (production of wax replicas from a rubber mould). These can be finely adjusted for accurate temperature and pressure settings specific to each injection. Our well-trained waxing staff overlooks the process, maximizing finesse and preventing any shrinkage problem from occurring.

The investment process is carried out according to a strict schedule, as per industrial standards. Different mixers are used for platinum and gold investments. The highest possible measures are being taken to obtain high-quality castings and the smoothest surfaces.


Ceylon Jewelry has different Japanese and Indutherm casting machines to produce various castings such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium, etc. An exceptionally adept workforce is involved in casting, and cast items are checked to assure quality control and international standards are maintained.


Individual parts are joined together (for example in bracelets) by a team of experienced and dedicated craftsmen.


This is the pivotal stage in the production process. Ceylon Jewelry's setters, highly skilled in quality and quantity setting, contribute to creating exquisite pieces. Our setting team is capable of many setting styles like pave, micro pave, prong, invisible, cluster, Alito and channel, etc.


At Ceylon Jewelry, microscopes and hand-held motor-based tools are used to achieve more refined quality. Attention to detail is given to the most minute of production stages. The magnification we use is x40, a strength rarely used by most jewelers.

Sri Lanka is assuredly home to an array of gemstones, being one of the world's most gem-rich countries. Marco Polo himself has stated that, "The island produces rubies more beautiful & valuable than we found in any other part of the world & likewise sapphires, topazes, amethysts, garnets & many other precious stones."
The country is renowned for its exquisite sapphires (now famously known as Ceylon Sapphires) and is a global sourcing destination for over 75 varieties of precious and semi-precious gemstones ranging from rubies, aquamarines, amethysts, rose quartz and moonstones. Ceylon Jewelry ensures that some of the most precious gemstones in the country are utilized for designs crafted to absolute perfectionism.